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Any Old Lights RetroFutures

Stand Number: 2962

Any Old Lights launch their revolutionary RetroFutures LED lighting range.

For the past year, Any Old Lights have been looking to the future of restaurant and bar lighting.

After many iterations of prototype - and plenty of torn-out hair - we are proud and excited to unveil RetroFutures at the Restaurant & Bar Design Show.

RetroFutures is a self-developed range of 12V acrylic LED lighting, inspired by the classic designs of the vintage lighting we've been selling at Any Old Lights. The image below shows the vintage Lemar pendant light (left) we used as inspiration to create our RetroFutures Cage light (right).

On display will be four different patterns of RetroFutures pendant lights - Cage, Fresnel, Shade and Ziggy - in a range of acrylic colours and finishes, from glass-edge to fluorescent. These are only the start.

Working off 12V, they are super-economical to run, eco-friendly and are waterproof, so you use them inside and outside.

You`ll notice that during the development process we dispensed with the light bulb entirely. RetroFutures pendant lights are illuminated by an LED disc, found in car headlights, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours of continuous use. They`re also dimmable.

Our 10W LED disc is ideal for task lighting but also refracts through the acrylic, showing off its design in a quite ethereal manner.

We can see RetroFutures pendants replacing the increasingly tired vintage light bulb pendants seen, well, everywhere. RetroFutures pendant lights are equally, if not more eye-catching, and considerably cheaper to run.

Imagine them outdoors, hanging in lantern strings - or use our Spike version to invert them as garden uplighters.

We will also be displaying our Revivals range of cast-metal vintage nautical lighting, as there`s still very much a place for traditional materials and patterns.

Do join us at our stand, where we will be delighted to discuss our lighting with you. (We will also be taking part in a live display during the show.)

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