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Stand Number: 4322

GetShop provides a state of the art hotel automation system and it`s all based on the philosophy that everything that can be automated should be automated. It covers all aspects of hotel operation in one system and is continuously improved.

The concept works like this: - The guest books online through website or OTA. On the day of check in the guest receives a code on SMS/email or both. This code is used on all predefined doors in the hotel. When the check out time comes the code is rendered useless, and a new code will sent out to the next guest after the cleaning personnel has marked the room as clean. The system will not let a guest into a dirty room, and it will not let a customer who hasn`t paid yet into the room. Unless the customer has been cleared for invoice or if you manually allow them in without paying.

GetShop has made it so that the hotel operators can easily set up the hotel in the PMS and also install the locks themselves. Unlike other systems GetShop is not using Bluetooth or any mobile applications.

Another unique aspect about GetShop is that the room assigning process has been automated. This means that guests will not be assigned their room until the very last moment on the day of check in. They will be floating in the respective room categories to ensure maximum capacity, and GetShop's system does this better than any human can do.

GetShop has integrations to accounting for automating the bookkeeping process and integrations to OTA`s. GetShop also has a restaurant and conference system that is 100% integrated into the PMS. One unique aspect of this is that when ordering something in the bar/restaurant and put it on the room, you will have to enter your room code when signing off on the purchase, meaning it`s much harder to deny an order when checking out.

GetShop's system is built around an extremely flexible infrastructure meaning that it can adapt very quickly to meet individual customer`s needs and embed it throughout the whole system if needed.

Other things that can be mentioned is that GetShop's booking engine can be fully embedded into any website, it has an extensive selection of pricing tools, automated messaging system at predefined times (both SMS/emails), time zone support, currency support, GetShop express (mobile web application) for cleaning personnel/janitor, and many other functions.

For Hotel Tech Live we will for the first time showcase our PGA (Personal Guest Assistant). It is under development and this device will have a variety of possibilities. Check out our website to read more about it.

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