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NEW'EE® is an innovative sound system that will amaze your customers. This patented system is specially developped for hospitality. Fixed behind a headboard, the NEW'EE® soundbar transforms it into a sound broadcaster thanks to the exciters integrated in the Soundbar, wirelessly connected to the TV.

1 solution, 3 benefits :
- a great listening comfort for TV : NEW'EE® spreads an immersive and pleasant sound through furniture.

- listening to music with Bluetooth® : thanks to NEW'EE®, hotel guests can listen to their favorite music just connecting their smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth®

- less noise disturbance : NEW`EE® can broadcast sound next to the ears of the user : the audio volume is reduced for lower noise disturbance.

Taylormade solution by our sound experts :
Each hotel has its own story. Our qualified engineers and designers can assist you in designing taylormade solution to your needs and related to your hotel specificities.
They find sound solutions which fit with your hotel, respecting its identity.

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