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Orderly Inventory

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Reduce your organisation's waste whilst increasing stock availability, visibility and profitability with Orderly Inventory. We combine simple yet powerful inventory and order management software with store manager performance tracking via the Orderly Score®.

Orderly Inventory is a complete order and inventory management solution - making managing inventory and recipes as simple online shopping for the store manager and head office alike. The simple user interfaces reduces errors and saves time, helps to control waste and and manage costs (comparing theoretical vs. actual stock usage), and assists to manage suppliers with automated ordering and pricing reports.

Drive change and efficiency savings through automatic performance management of your store managers - Orderly Inventory creates balanced scorecards based upon their historical performance. Through automatic integrations with the POS, store managers are scored on a range of metrics from their actual vs. theoretical stock usage to completing stock takes on time.

The scorecard states areas where your score managers can improve - for example a store manager who allows their store to frequently run out of high profit items will be notified. As all scores are completely balanced, they are portable between stores and even chains - allowing you to understand how well an Orderly store manager performs before you even hire them!

Fully integrated with your business systems, the solution provides automation to speed up workflows and decrease errors.

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