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Katja Froehlich

Managing Director - EXP360

Panel Session: Mastering the 5-Star Guest Experience

Ensuring that your guests' experience is as good as it can be is never easy - but fear not, our panellists are here to help!

From a motivated workforce to implementing the latest tech, the ways you can keep your guests leaving with that 5-star feeling really are endless!

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About Katja Froehlich

Before taking over as Managing Director of EXP360 beginning of 2018, Katja had held several jobs within companies like Carnival Corporation, Mars Inc. or Lufthansa. She has a hybrid IT- Business profile with many years of experience on both sides with travel & hospitality being her major focus.

Over the last two decades, Katja spent several years in China and Russia speaking both Mandarin and Russian fluently. Her vast international experience, strong strategic focus and operational strength allowed her to take over EXP360 which has a major client base in the cruise industry and a fast-developing client base in the hotel and destination business with offices in Europe, US and Australia.