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Simon Schwab


How VR Technologies Change the Way of Educating People in Hospitality

The seminar outlines the possibilities of using virtual reality & 360° technologies for training and onboarding of staff in hospitality. It discusses the advantages of immersive VR technologies for education. It also addresses the limitations of a standalone VR training solution and why a combination of digital and traditional teaching methods is best

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About Simon Schwab

Simon has a strong technical background combined with an excellent understanding of client needs. Combined with his vast
international experience, his professional know-how it enabled him to take over the Key Account Management for EXP360
in July 2018 managing the major clients around the globe.
Together with his clients and peers, Simon has built up extensive learning concepts using VR technology as an important
component for modern training and onboarding concepts. The digital academies implemented by him are now being used
by thousands of employees worldwide to enhance learning processes and massively increasing the output of the training