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Authentic Models

Stand Number: 614

Authentic Models creates furniture and décor inspired by bygone eras.
Gracefully complementing both modern and traditional interiors in their own, unique way, our original handcrafted pieces range from faithful replicas to contemporary interpretations of classic objects.
Always aesthetically delightful, made from the highest quality materials. Always with a story to tell, because every design is rooted in history. With each item capturing the essence of an era, activity or interest in a way that exudes character. Sometimes transporting you back to the past. Sometimes simply using it as inspiration for distinctive 21st century design.
Established for over 50 years, Authentic Models has transcended generations and geographic boundaries, with our collections being sold all over the world. A longevity and reach achieved through painstaking attention to detail and commitment to quality that never goes out of style.
But don`t just take our word for it. Come and see, feel and breathe in our stories at stand No. 614.

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