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Hibox Systems Oy

Stand Number: 311

We are a global provider of advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for Hospitality businesses. We specialize in IPTV technology and provide modern TV Services and Digital Experiences that improve guest satisfaction.


Together with our Partner Aquila Technology we will be showcasing a complete demo of our Hospitality TV Platform; Hibox Smartroom. Smartroom is designed for a variety of customer needs that provides a comprehensive digital experience for guests and an improved workflow for staff and operations.

Through solutions for TV, Casting, Mobile, Housekeeping, Evacuation, Security, Digital Signage and more we ensure an enjoyable stay for your guests and an efficient work environment for your staff.


Smartroom TV brings the guest's living room into your hotel. With this cloud-based hospitality TV platform, the hotels guests can use streaming services just as at home. It creates modern digital experiences for your guests and is compatible with all major hotel TV brands.

Key Features:

- Native apps
- PMS integration
- Customizable & brandable UI
- Centralized administration


The Hibox CastGate allows guests to stream movies and music easily and securely to the hospitality TV. Guests can use their own Android and iOS devices to cast content from apps like Netflix, Youtube and Spotify.

We support screen casting and mirroring through various technologies:

- Chromecast enables casting on Android and iOS devices, from streaming services like
Netflix, Via-play, HBO, Youtube and Spotify directly to the TV.
- AirPlay enables 1:1 screen mirroring for iPhones, iPads and Apple laptops.
- Miracast provides 1:1 screen mirroring on many Android and Windows devices. Miracast
is built into all current hotel TVs.
- UPnP/DLNA is the third wireless possibility for mirroring images and videos from a mobile
device to a TV.
- A wired alternative is to use an HDMI cable.


Smartroom works with any TV channels that the TV supports: DVB-T2/C/S2, IPTV multicast or unicast streams.


All TVs need an IP network connection to the Hibox Centre Server. There are many ways to create the connection, each with pros and cons depending on the building and its existing infrastructure.

Connecting over a fixed IP-network is the preferred method, because it's fastest and most reliable. The TV channels can be multicast in the same network, or carried by coaxial cables.

If the TV signal is carried by a coaxial cables, the TVs can also be connected to the server through a wireless network. With this method, only the interactive functionality uses the wireless connection.

We can also provide an advanced solution for extending the IP network by utilizing existing coaxial cabling. In this case, both the TV channels and the IP traffic are carried by coaxial cables.


The Hibox Housekeeper tool is a hospitality housekeeping system that helps you streamline and track room cleaning in your hotel. It also makes it easier to report and fix maintenance problems and is integratable with the PMS. The Housekeeper allows a faster time to revenue once the room is cleaned.

Key Features:

- Dynamic task allocation
- Centralized management
- Reporting
- Cleaning & Maintenance


The Hibox Evacuator is a hotel security management extension that can send emergency messaging directly to the in-room TVs with at least 12 different messages. The Evacuator is easily integrated into the hotel PMS and primary alarm systems.

Key Features:

- Automatic & manual alarms
- Alarm system integration
- Messaging panel
- Messages with sound

Come visit us at booth 311 and we can improve your guest experience together!

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