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Make a capital allowances claim on your hotel property! HJR Tax help hotel & B&B owners to identify unclaimed capital allowances and claim tax refunds from HMRC. We work on a no-win no-fee basis and offer a nationwide service, as our team of fully qualified tax and surveying consultants are based all over the UK. So far, 100% of our submitted claims have been approved by HMRC. As a result, our clients receive significant immediate cash repayments from HMRC and create a pool of capital allowances that will reduce their tax bills for several years to come.

99% of our clients had no idea they could make the claim!

Capital allowances explained
Many hotel owners are unaware that they can claim tax relief on `Fixtures` they purchased with their commercial property. Fixtures include the electrical, heating and ventilation systems, kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, drainage, alarms etc. These items are commonly referred to as `Embedded Fixtures`. This tax relief is known as `Capital Allowances`. By claiming capital allowances on a business property purchase, significant tax repayments and future tax savings can be achieved.

There is no time limit to make the claim, providing you still own the property and the fixtures in the tax year you submit the claim. This means that even if you bought the property in the 1980`s, 90`s or sold it up to 2 years ago, you may still be able to claim the tax relief now.

About HJR Tax
Having prepared and submitted claims for capital allowances to HMRC over the past 10 years, our team have developed a blueprint report that minimises the need for HMRC enquires. This results in quick repayments of overpaid tax and happy clients!

Our tax team specialist in the hospitality industry and has a wealth of success making claims for clients, ranging from large Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Country House Hotels, Caravan Parks and Short-term Holiday Lets. We have claimed back millions of pounds in overpaid taxes for both businesses and property investors.

More importantly, HJR Tax offers a RISK FREE service. We DON`T CHARGE any fixed or upfront fees. Our fees are based on a percentage of the capital allowances we identify and you only pay them if a claim is successful! Furthermore, our business model allows us to charge fees at less than 50% of our competitors; making capital allowances claims affordable for all.

Our aim is to offer a cost effective service to businesses and investors that enables them to benefit from the significant tax savings all the leading UK businesses regularly claim. HJR Tax makes claiming capital allowances simple, hassle-free and cost effective.

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Find out if you`re eligible to claim by contacting our tax team on 01633 386017, emailing us at contactus@hjrtax.co.uk or visiting www.hjrtax.co.uk

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