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Julian Church & Associates Ltd

Stand Number: 602

Julian Church & Associates (JCA) - expert restaurant fit out consultants - founded in 2001, they have maintained & built upon their client base from initial beginnings due to acknowledgement of how they service the needs and expectations of their clients. JCA have grown from these beginnings to have a core staff of experienced professionals capable of providing the professional service and advice that Julian sought on founding the company. Todays projects range from bluechip high street names to affordable local restaurants

Within Julian Church & Associates, the philosophy is to provide clients with a high quality personal service whilst adapting a proactive approach. By understanding client focused business goals, JCA seek to provide a valued quality service to the exact requirements of the client. The focus is not only on costs or time but on customers, to empathise with clients to create and prove an understanding of best value not just costs.

At JCA the belief is that the high calibre personal service that JCA delivers comes down to the quality of professionalism of staff and relationships together with a reputation for integrity and best practice.This is underpinned by corporate responsibilities. JCA are committed to managing business in an ethical and sustainable manner. It enables JCA to make a positive impact on their customers, staff, environment and the communities that JCA serve or work within.

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