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Konshush Design

Stand Number: 711

Konshush Design is a unique interior design studio creating spectacular modern environments that are sustainable, functional and elegant spaces to live, to work and to relax.

Our work is inspired by traditional concepts such as Feng Shui, bio-geometry and building biology, although we incorporate the use of eco-friendly materials and modern technology which not only excites our clients but evokes new and fresh emotions, whilst remaining an environmentally sustainable design solution for the modern world.

At Konshush Design we actively seek to reduce noise pollution and use light, colours and textures which enhance a sense of overall well-being and help individuals to rekindle a natural balance with their environment.

We firmly believe that designers have a responsibility for shaping the world, with a focus on sustainability and the practical but effective use of space: it is this which sets us apart from other designers. We are committed to leading by example, therefore we ensure that sustainability is a key feature within all of our designs.

Konshush Design is the design studio that takes interior design `outside`. We work with a range of building/construction partners who convert CO2 emissions into eco-friendly building materials which can enable clients to be self-sufficient in power or go off grid.

We can manage whole projects for clients from construction design to interior design taking away the worry and stress of delivering a building and interior which is fit for purpose and more, whatever that purpose is.

Projects of all sizes are completed with our boundless energy and innovative creative thinking and we guarantee that any space created by us will have the WOW factor and be as fun and funky or as elegant as you want.

Konshush Design: we are conscious of the impact of design on our wellbeing: are you?

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