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Chemical-Free Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Products for Hotels and Hospitality

Purozo is proud to introduce a new concept of cleaning for your hotels and restaurants. It is a truly unique product like nothing else on the market, offering a practical, cost-saving and safe commercial cleaning solution.

About the products
Purozo is the only dedicated UK supplier of Tersano products. Imagine one nontoxic chemical-free cleaner and sanitiser, created from normal cold tap water, which will kill up to 99.999% of bacteria. It is 50% more effective than chlorine bleach and will replace approximately 60% of your housekeeping products.
The Lotus® Pro by Tersano is a Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) unit that converts cold tap water from 02 to 03, creating an instant and powerful cleaning solution. It can be used in trigger sprays, carpet cleaners, scrubber dryers and used in conjunction with a microfibre mopping system.

Benefits for the hotel and hospitality industry
• Eco-friendly: eliminates single-use plastic and disposal of toxic chemicals
• Food safe & EN13967 and EN1276 verified
• Can be used on multiple surfaces
• Saves up to 40-60% across all your cleaning costs
• Quickly kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses
• Certified safe by world governing bodies
• No COSHH training required as its 100% chemical-free
• Replaces multiple products with one powerful product

How Aqueous Ozone Works
Using just water, oxygen and electricity, our products create a powerful cleaning solution that is harmless to people but deadly to germs. Here`s how it works:

Aqueous Ozone is created
The Tersano products infuse water with volts of electricity, converting the oxygen in the water from O2 to O3. This creates Aqueous Ozone - your highly effective cleaning solution.

Destroys 99.999% of harmful bacteria
The Aqueous Ozone remains in its O3 state for a limited time before reverting back to normal tap water. It is whilst in this unstable state that it is highly effective, killing 99.999% all harmful contaminants.

Used just like normal cleaning chemicals
Aqueous Ozone is used just like a normal chemical cleaner, without the toxins. It is multi-purpose, so can replace multiple cleaning products. Spray it onto almost any surface, then wipe away as normal and watch the grime disappear.

What it can be used to clean
• Kitchens
• Bedrooms
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Floors
• Windows
• Carpets
• Doors
• Stainless steel
• Upholstery

`We are delighted with our results! Since moving to the new water-based cleaning system, we have been able to significantly reduce our chemical usage, improve our hygiene standards and save costs too. The support from Chris and his company has been excellent and they have helped us achieve some great results in this area of the hotel. I would be delighted to recommend his company and product to other businesses.`

Rhys Roberts
BW Tiverton Hotel

Visit the Purozo website: https://purozo.co.uk/

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