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Zeez Sleep Ltd

Stand Number: 416

Zeez Sleep, creators of an award-winning sleep device, the Zeez Sleep Pebble, copy the brainwaves of a good sleeper to get the rest of us to relax and sleep deeply. .

The Zeez Sleep Pebble is a small device powered by by a watch-type rechargeable battery. Used under a pillow, it creates tiny pulses which reproduce the brainwave pattern of a good sleeper.during relaxation and sleep in a timed sequence designed to prompt the user`s brain to relax and sleep deeply through four sleep cycles - 6 3/4 hours.

The Zeez Pebble has been tested and used by 800 people with 70 - 80% responding by sleeping much better.,

We will be launching our latest device at Hotel 360 - the Zeez Sleep Pillow pad - flat sensors over a wide surface area designed to help guests to relax, recover for jet lag, and sleep deeply.

Our tech usually has an immediate effect on relaxation and jet lag. It often takes longer to achieve the full benefits of deep sleep. Having experienced the benefits of great relaxation, guests are quite likely to want to take the Zeez home.

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