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From the Ugliest to the Prettiest: How a McDonald’s Building Has Become an Architectural Masterpiece

 A McDonald’s based in the Netherlands has had a complete beauty makeover! 

Previously, the Rotterdam McDonald’s was dubbed the “ugliest building” in the city by its residents. Officials were actually thinking about tearing the whole building down, however the chain still had a 40 year lease on it. 

An overhaul design was created by Dutch firm, Mei Architects. The company managed to transform this dingy eyesore into a building which "looks like an Apple Store" for fries and fatty food. 

The restaurant now has a perforated golden staircase and inside, its full of clean lines and adorned with leather sofas where customers can sit and relax. 

Their statement wall, situated on the outside wall of the building, features pixelated images of people and this design continues onto their interior walls. The new design also has a fully transparent lobby” and three entrances on three different sides. Having this many entrances was purposefully done to make it seem like space flows throughout the building. 

Redesigning McDonald’s establishments in the states might increase the chain’s popularity. Recently, the fast food chain has seen sales decrease and they are trying to find a way to fix its damaged reputation. 

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO has revealed that they are completely restructuring their business plan to focus more on the quality of their food, whilst reducing their focus on the millennial market.