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Hotel rooms smarten up for 2019

Soon hotel guests will be able relax in their room without having to lift a finger from their phone. They will be able to stream their favourite programmes, order food and drinks, dim the lights and even request a personalised massage, all with the click of a button or tap of a screen. 

Due to the ever-advancing nature of smart technology, there is high consumer demand for the latest gadgets. Customers want their experiences to be as smooth sailing as possible and this is where the idea for ‘smart’ hotel rooms comes in.  Not only is it something that can be easily accommodated into new build and retrofits, it will also help to minimise waste and improve operations for big hotel brands.

It’s crazy to think that only a few years ago the extent of consumer-facing technology was inserting a key card into the door. Now, with innovation progressing at such a fast pace multiple functions are accessible from just one device. Visitors can already check in, make requests, and use their phone as the key. Moving forward, some brands are introducing types of glass that can be changed in temperature by the guest, via the use of a smartphone app or integrated remote. Others are even providing robot mixologists to create the perfect cocktail for their guests.

Smart hotel rooms appear to be the most effective way for enhancing customer service and satisfaction. It will create a more personalised experience for the visitor, providing them with a sense of control. With the use of smart technology and analytics hotel brands will also be able to make personalised recommendations.  

The shift towards a smarter overall experience will ensure that top industry leaders can continue to meet consumer demands, providing both diverse and targeted experiences for varied individual needs.