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Sensory Innovation for an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Innovative designers are approaching themed dining with the aim of invoking all the senses to elevate the dining experience to a new level. 

To draw guests further into their experience, a firmer focus has been placed on using the presentation and the evocative powers of smell and taste; this form of sensorial design is becoming more prevalent amongst designers search for new ways to work with chefs and food businesses.

Over recent years there has been a number of small innovations created to connect food with senses other than taste, such as wine glasses that aerate the wine for a better taste and also enhances the drinker’s ability to smell the underlying bouquet, delivering an improved wine drinking experience altogether.

Examples of designers behind innovative work in this field include Crucial Detail, who specialise in creating touches that add to the dining experience. Their innovation, known as the Porthole Infusor, enhances the experience of drinking cocktails. The design presents the cocktail between two flat panes of glass, helping to create a visual and scent-based response.  

Another extraordinary example of this form of innovation is through Naoto Fukasawa and his Haptic Skin Juice. The Japanese designer has raised the bar in inventive packaging design by using haptic skin technologies to create packaging for juice boxes that emulate the look and feel of the juices inside.