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London's highly acclaimed Sushisamba restaurant recently commissioned Bill Amberg Studio to undertak

The brief was to design a series of furniture that makes use of the space with efficiency while maximising the number of seats without bringing any harm to comfort.

The London-based studio were also required to present three different types of tabletops, two different sizes of banquette seats, and two kinds of waiter’s stations. Additionally, Sushisamba asked that the furniture reflect the multicultural and eclectic style of cuisine in some way.

The design team faced significant spatial constraints on-site as the restaurant is located on the 38th floor, making it vital to consider the available space available for transporting the furniture up to the restaurant space in the lifts.

For the banquette seats, the wooden box cases were designed to minimise intrusion by capitalising on the space available. Carefully designed ultra-thin surrounding boxes kept allowed easy installation and ease for any future layout change. To facilitate with transportation of the large banquette seats, a mechanism was included to the wooden box so the seats can be separated during transport and placed back onto the wooden boxes efficiently on site.

Sushisamba requested that two bespoke waiter stations were implemented, and they would merge in with the rest of the interior space whilst supporting the high level of staff activity. Every detail has been covered, including the rubbish compartments, which have been designed with water-resistant inside surfaces for easy cleaning. Wires are kept in a separate compartment, and have a special finish applied to the outer surfaces to ensure they're resistant to damage and daily wear.