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How to design a restaurant

Although the food is there to tantalize those taste buds, the surroundings and interiors can be everything. As they say, you eat with your eyes first!

Two talented restaurant design professionals; Michael Groth (The Eddy) and John Meadows (American Cut Midtown), outline their keen eye for a visually satisfying restaurant experience. We’re talking everything from light fixtures to colour palettes.

Michael Groth, The Eddy Owner

“I am truly inspired by the people I meet”. In the case of The Eddy, the head chefs modern perspective on American food was the focal inspiration for the restaurants interior design. A traditional and warming space with the occasional unexpected twist.

With a limited timespan to develop a current look, Groth pulled together a team to produce an entirely custom and locally handmade design... and we are talking everything from the light fixtures and table tops, to the reclaimed-wood beams installed. The desired look was aimed to let people escape from their worries and enjoy food and drinks with great company. Taking into the account the intimate scale of the restaurant, the results are both functional and charming. Goth values his repeat customers and claims it’s the best compliment he could ask for.

John Meadows, The American Cut Midtown

Working in partnership with Chris Sheffield (SLDesign), the design concept for American Cut Midtown revolved around the stylish grunge of New York City with a rock & roll twist. It includes fresh signature art pieces, cutting edge geometry of the light fixtures and stylish leather banquets.

The original crown moulding of the entertaining saloon of Sir Randolph Hearst’s mistress, formed the foundations of the restaurant, and combined with a grand ballroom style of the yesteryear. The signature restaurant interior with the unique original building structure work in harmony together. Meadows talks of guests feeling mesmerised with the perfect balance of comfort and glamour.  

“I want our guests to feel that they are participating in an elegant yet communal and lively dinner party”