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UHS Group take on Nandos Oxford

Nando’s are here to not only satisfy those taste-buds, but to dazzle their customers with a vibrant, heart-warming interior design to leave that ever-lasting impression. UHS Group stood up to the challenge, to deliver a stylish and innovative restaurant look whilst staying true to the traditional patterns and signature artwork that emphasizes the value of the restaurant.

Pushing the boat out, the designers kept a keen eye for a crisp modern look whilst staying true to the restaurants South African influence. Additionally, as a popular restaurant for all ages, the designers had to consider the wear and tear, as well as the access and safety- quality was an absolute must!

Splashes of colour in combination with a fresh modern twist takes over the room. UHS have added the timber-backed Hula chair with an eye-catching green base alongside the bright yellow Ronda chairs and comfortable Bai chairs in a bold saffron blue. Colour wasn’t everything for these creative designers, they added striking texture with the red woven-backed yard chairs and the delicate brass detailing on the oak table-tops.

UHS are proud of their abilities to produce a unique design whilst maintaining the client budget. Their creativity spread beyond the new purchases, whilst their talented team refurbished old furniture to a-line with the new look, taking shabby-chic to a whole new level.

USH say their relationship with the Nandos brand is on a mutual passion for the new stylish design. Something the designers have labelled as ‘simply fantastic’!