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High-Tech interior for Barburrito!

Yorkshire-based Leach Impact have innovated and replaced digital screens traditionally used for menus in the restaurant, with technology heaven. Dimmer switches, interchangeable fabrics, a new POS display, you name it, they’ve got it! The eye-catching setup is fully equipped so that the staff can easily inter-change each aspect depending on the mood and scene of the restaurant. 

A similar set up has been installed at the Gordon Street Barburrito in Glasgow. Yet, the interior brilliance does not stop there. Leach have also developed feature wall vinyl’s that carefully reflect the bold colours of the brand. It’s become to trendy that a further three vinyl’s were installed in Gateshead Metro Centre, Hammersmith, Cardiff and Queen Square Glasgow.

London Paddington is next on the list, promising more vinyl’s, menu light boxes, Perspex lettering, full price wallpaper, table top graphics and more. A keen eye is kept on Meadowhall shopping Centre restaurant as the next possible renovation. 

Commenting on the impact of every new visual asset, Barburrito’s Development Manager Scott Hale said: “The look and feel of our restaurants is extremely important in differentiating ourselves from our competitors, so we try to create stores that are both fun and relaxing. I approached Leach as they were keen to work with me to improve our current designs and explore new ideas. I have been really pleased with the level of personal service, their communication and with the new displays we have progressed.”

Image source: Barburrito