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Hilton Hotel interior inspired by city quirks

A city filled to the brim with life, art and entertainment, was at the core inspiration for the 196 room Hilton Brooklyn, New York. The Boerum Hill neighborhood once served as a chandlery and rope making centre. Stonehill & Taylor handled the interiors and were given full reigns to “reinvent what a Hilton-branded hotel could be for a small neighbourhood like Boerum Hill,” says Michael Suomi, principal and interior director of design for the New York firm. “Our initial ideas were more abstract, subtle, artistic. The design should relate back to the original story but not in a way that it’s a museum.”

A touch of the past has creeped its way into the interior design as a unique motif, welcoming guests at the reception with a wall of woven, intertwined ropes that highlight top-notch craftsmanship of the 1800s. subtle and rustic tones of a warm tan palette, highlight the polished nautical theme throughout. “These colours along with the materials of rope, sailcloth, and high gloss bridge the gap between a classical feel and contemporary design,” Suomi explains.

 The unique design doesn’t stop at the entrance. The chic and intimate bar area is home to two laser-cut metal screens outlining the geometrical map of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, sketched by the Stonehill & Taylor team. The adjacent Black Market restaurant is inviting and comfortable, clad with walnut-panelled walls, marble floors, and modern furnishings.

We’re not done - the understated nautical tropes abound, including the sailcloth window curtains, which feature leather straps and ship cleats, and the bedboard trim and lacquered wood headboard, both recalling what is found in a yacht.

This urban Hilton is “very luxe” but also very cosy, says Suomi. “We did that to make it feel like a neighbourhood place, where you want locals to come, lounge, and have a drink. When you’re successful with locals, you’re successful with travellers.”

Image Source: Hilton