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Using data to Redesign your Restaurant

Raspberry Pi are the company behind the genius restaurant technology that allowed Cava Mezza to code, generate data and effectively re-design their restaurants resulting in 12% increase of retained customers. 

Cava are able to monitor everything from customer waiting times to good-safety practices within their restaurants using just the data from sensors. Chief data scientist Josh Patchus explains how insights from the data continue to boost Cava’s “ROI of experience.”

Segment areas

The motion sensors have been carefully coded to track customer waiting times, and avoid off-putting long lines. Cava discovered that lines tend to clump around menu board and ingredient selection section at the service station. Patchus adds that “the more choices you give people, the harder it is [for them] to make up their mind,” therefore he was able to come up with a plan that rather than limiting customer options, he re-designed the menu boards so that customers had clear expectations by the time they reached the service station. Thus, this simple change has caused an increased line movement by 10% and keep 12% customers in store. 

Strategic seating 

Sensors in the restaurants seating areas revealed a difference in the behaviour of customers in urban areas VS suburban areas. Urban area customers tended to only stay long enough to eat, whilst suburban area customers preferred to extend their stay. Patchus says “A lot of people are driving a long way there, so the last thing they want to do is get their food and have to move back out.” He suggested increasing seating at the suburban outposts by 30%, allowing them to accommodate large groups. Those parties boosted revenue in the redesigned stores by 20% per square foot.

Monitor volumes 

If the cash register is too close to the serving station, customers have to shout their choices, and it can be hard for them to hear the server’s response. Sensors track decibel levels in the ordering area; if they’re high, Patchus suggests a remodel. “To understand our customers, we have to be around our customers,” he says. With virtual tracking technology, he can be pretty much everywhere at once.

Image source: Instagram @Cava