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Chieftain Fabrics Leading Manufacturers in Performance Vinyl Fabrics

Not all fabrics are created equally and vinyl fabric is no exception. As vinyl is a synthetic material, it can be manufactured in a number of different ways. Some of the factors that contribute to high calibre vinyl production include using good quality raw materials and ensuring stringent control of adhesion and temperature. Incorrect management of these steps can have dramatic results on the end product. However, it is almost impossible to judge from the appearance of a vinyl fabric whether it has been well-produced or not. The difference will only become truly apparent after some use.

Additional ingredients may also be introduced to improve fabric performance. For instance, UV (Ultraviolet) stabilisers can be added to protect the fabric from fading and cracking in direct sunlight. Many such ingredients can be added to strengthen the performance of vinyl fabric but once again, whether or not they have, will only become apparent after some time. Low-quality vinyl fabric will fade and flake which does little to enhance the brand of an organisation. Thinking that fabric is fabric, can easily lead to poor quality selection with damaging end results. It is why, at Chieftain Fabrics we constantly endeavour to improve the performance of our fabrics. In recent months all of our fabrics have passed 500,000 Martindale rubs. Our best-selling range, Just Colour, has now been awarded the Crib 7 certificate, the highest flame retardancy certification in the UK. All of our fabrics are REACH compliant and free from Phthalates.

Sustainability is another area that is extremely important to Chieftain Fabrics. We currently use 30% recycled material in the production of our vinyl and hope to increase that to 50% by the end of

2018. We also recycle our products wherever possible. All of our base ingredients are ethically sourced within Europe which means that we can stand over the quality of our end product.

Of all of the ranges developed by Chieftain Fabrics, Lionella is probably the most suitable for the hospitality sector. Essentially it is a faux leather with a luxurious soft handle which also makes for easy upholstering. Lionella has a 15% PU coating making it soft to touch and a 100% cotton backing cloth which adds to its opulent feel. Even though it is a softer fabric than our other ranges, it is just as durable having been certified to withstand 500,000 Martindale rubs. Not only is Lionella suitable for high traffic areas, it is also virtually stain resistant and easy to clean. Washing with warm soapy water and drying with a cloth on a regular basis will ensure that the vinyl will stand the test of time.

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