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Subway Launches New Design

Subway have launched their clean, fresh and forward-thinking design at the ICSC RECon Show in Las Vegas last month. The design has since expanded into stores across america and the UK.

The new rebrand included a new logo design that was sharp, simple and recognisable, in addition to new wall coverings and wall art. In tune with their fresh designs came a curated music program and lighting to meet customer demands, whilst the operational work flow is due to change too. The workspace will be updated to be more efficient, while additional pieces of equipment, like an exhaust ventilation system, will help maintain temperatures and improve air quality.

Subway franchisees have already piloted the new Subway Fresh Forward design in six locations (Knoxville, Tenn.; Orlando, Fla.; Chula Vista, Calif.; Tamarac, Fla.; Vancouver, Wash.; and Manchester, England). In addition, about 50 locations are in various stages of construction around the world and more than 100 restaurants are in the design phase.

This is a clear example of the need to stay up to date with the latest design ideas on the market in order to avoid a customer deterring. Subway is a successful brand, yet there call for action to gain a clean fresh look to align with their industry leading position was a must. In a fast-paced industry, having a poorly thought and ill updated design could dramatically effect business. A simple change of colour, or implanting technology and innovative furnishings.

Image Source: Subway