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Dutch Furniture Group designs new Amsterdam restaurant

You can experience the taste of Amsterdam and feel the hospitality in this brand new hotspot (1800 m2). It houses a restaurant, the concept of tasting tables, a seafood bar, a beer and wine world, a workshop kitchen and a food experience. When construction of the new building near the historic Olympic Stadium started, Dutch Furniture Group was involved to join in on the design and furnishing.

In all different tasting areas in the building, the idea was to create a different, yet matching atmosphere. The interior is a stylish mix of materials and design. Light and breezy in the seafood bar, modern and comfortable in the workshop kitchen and industrial and easygoing in the restaurant. With a combination of style, materials and setting, the result is a meeting place where you feel at home, can meet other people and enjoy hospitality and good food. Sitting in luxurious seats and sofas while you’re enjoying your sparkling cocktail is one of the reasons people hurry to this hotspot.

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