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KFC Launch New Healthy Restaurant

It’s safe to say that KFC is exploding with a huge blash of creativity lately. Ranging from brand names and design to a brilliant online retail store for branded merch that has taken the industry by storm. 

However, the KFC’s creative innovation isn’t being limited to the original branding. The Yum!-owned brand just opened a ‘better-for-you’ franchise named K PRO in China, offering alternatives to their famous fried chicken and fries. And it doesn't stop there, the new restuarant chain offer beer on tap to be enjoyed alongside the fresh salads and sandwhiches.

The first K PRO opened in Hanghzhou Zhejiang province in the MIXC Mall on July 1 with a colour scheme of green and white to underscore the healthier image... and just to top it off, it's table service!

The uniforms and packaging still sport the KFC logo, but the brand’s iconic red is nowhere to be seen. Plants are set up across tables to make it look less like a fast food eatery and more like a café at the first K PRO location.

For the past few years the brand has used China to test ideas including a robot-run restaurant in Shanghai, a Beijing location that introduced facial recognition ordering kiosks and its first branded smartphone, with Huawei.

KFC has tested different approaches to cracking the Chinese market including unique Chinese offerings such as congee and ‘fungus salad’ and local creations such as the ‘Chizza’ (chicken pizza).

It’s a definitive sign of the times that KFC, the paragon of fast fried food is turning toward greener pastures with K PRO. Consumer tastes are changing and even legacy brands are having to re-examine and adjust their own products and principles.

The new K-Pro brand not only includes an updated look with bold colours, and clean cut logos, but the new restaurant is kitted out with an abundance of technology- supporting faster operations, and making the restaurant experience quick and easy for all diners.