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Bring more than just light!

Mon Lumi™ is an innovative Lamp, which much more than just light, provides an amazing interactive (or not) video mapping projection on tables or floors, in order to communicate, entertain or simply decorate.

This September (26-27) at the Restaurant, Bar and Hotel tech in London, Ergo Concepts will present “ Mon Lumi ” ™ its new “All in One” interactive mapping concept for hotels, bars and restaurants.

Mon Lumi™ is a turnkey Lamp package which, much more than just light, provides an amazing interactive (or not) video mapping on tables or floors, providing an interesting tool to communicate, entertain or simply decorate in public spaces. 

Having had extensive experience with both Interactive and Mapping solutions, Marc Judor and Nicolas Abrial, founders and managers of Ergo Concepts, the company behind Mon LUMI, noticed that very often, for technical and cost reasons Mapping and Interactive solutions weren’t easy to deploy, so they decided to develop new software and hardware approaches and create a condensed, highly integrated version fitting into lamps and easy to integrate almost everywhere.

Apart from being elegant and spectacular, by adding some fun and amazement this concept radically changes the waiting experience when sitting at a table in a bar, hotel lobby or restaurant. 

Mon L U M I ™ is provided in many different versions in both sizes (S,M,L) and designs (with Suspended, Stand Alone, Design, and of course Custom versions) to adapt to the style of a customer’s location.

Furthermore the concept offers different features ranging from fully Interactive animations to different sorts of projected mappings.

The products are extremely easy to use, as the integrated lamps come pre calibrated, with the right effect and animation preloaded. 

The use of special LED projection technologies, and highly integrated PC hardware makes Mon L U M I a very slick, robust, and extremely price worth solution. 

Ergo Concepts 

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