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LXA Design Insight – Wyndham Dubai Marina Hotel

"We're delighted to be the design consultant working with The First Group in partnership with Wyndham Hotels, to revitalise Wyndham Dubai Marina’s F&B offer." 

The Olive Tree Restaurant for the Wyndham Dubai Marina Hotel is our new design for the hotel’s main restaurant, it will bring the essence of the rural landscape of Tuscany to Dubai. The addition of a covered courtyard cleverly increases the restaurant space, whilst introducing an all year round ‘al fresco’ dining style, reminiscent of rural Italy. The use of natural materials such as terracotta, slate and oak is combined with an earthy but light and modern colour palette to enhance the overall dining experience. 

The Coffee Lounge concept for a modern and vibrant Dubai hotel is part of a move to create a social hub; an installation that joins the lobby and business centre functions, encouraging guests and visitors alike to interact, and activating often under-utilized traditional hotel function. The bespoke coffee kiosk is an evolution from the ever popular coffee cart concept.  Set against a custom designed mural by a local artist, and featuring communal high tables as well as lounge seating, the space is dynamic; flexible and inviting, encouraging guests to work, play, or just stop for a coffee and relax in spacious surroundings.

A New Smokehouse Concept called The Blacksmith is the final offer in the trio. Our Design Studio are introducing a first for Dubai; a real live Smokehouse. This new F&B concept, in what is currently the Hotel bar, draws inspiration from the craft of the Blacksmith. The palette is built up on charcoal tones, warm walnut and leather. The walls will feature multi-layer textures and reliefs to create visual impact combined with an artisanal ambience.




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