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The Old School Design Trend Making a Comeback in 2018

White marble has certainly had its time. Restaurant and bar designers are veering away from the cliché, sparse, white, ultra-modern interiors more commonly referred to as “what every juice bar looks like nowadays.” In design, we are definitely seeing designers come over to the dark side; with counters and other surfaces in different shades of black appearing in the many fashion-conscious restaurants and bars across the globe. Here are a selection of bars that have used black marble to create spaces that are both dramatic and modern.   

One of the most eye-catching features of the Cold Drinks bar at China Live in San Francisco is the black slab of marble which tops the wooden bar. Finished with brass-finished high-back stools, dark flooring and walls, and a touch of black leather, this Scotch bar’s theme definitely follows that of the Shanghai jazz-era. 

The dark marbled counter at Le Coucou in New York isn’t used to create a dark opulent look. Instead it’s used to further juxtapose the romanticised beauty of the mural painted behind the bar. Here the black - along with the grey walls - creates a real element of drama to the bar and highlights the difference between light and dark.  

The Bennet in New York uses both light and dark tones to create a bar that encapsulates the modern interpretation of cosy. This effect is created by the white ceiling and aged mirror panels reflecting the contemporary sconces and chandeliers; whilst the black flooring and bar gives the open space needed warmth making the space feel incredible opulent. 

This bar certainly has an 80s feel to it, which is highlighted through the choice of decor, such as the black marble bar, polished wood and subtle hints of brass. Surprisingly these finer details makes the bar look fresh and current. 

Design historian and director of style at the high-tech home visualisation site Modsy, Alessandra Wood, commented on this design shift, she said: “I think black marble is coming back into fashion now because white carrara is so loved. Because people are happy to have marble in their homes, having black marble on table tops feels familiar, but also creates unexpected drama,

“In the world of design we are definitely re-visiting the luxurious vibes the 70s and 80s, and black marble was a dominant feature. Black marble is most definitely a statement piece.”

Article source: designboom.com