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teamlab creates interactive restaurant interior that changes with the seasons

An immersive interactive restaurant has been launched inside the saga beef restaurant “Sagaya” located in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Created by the art collective Teamlab, this unique establishment provides its diners with a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that replicates the delightful and most iconic tastes, smells and scenic beauty of Japan. 

The restaurant is so exclusive, it only serves eight guests per day! So those who are lucky enough to reserve a seat will be able to immerse themselves in the elegant cuisine, ceramic art and real-time projections that take over the restaurant’s walls and tables.  

Teamlab’s new installation is called ‘worlds unleashed and then connecting’. When each dish is placed in front of the diner, the scenic world within the dish opens up and comes to life; covering the table and eventually every corner of the restaurant itself. For example, on one of the courses, a bird painted onto a ceramic dish is released, and then perches on a branch of a tree which grew from a different dish on the table. 

The restaurant manages to create an environment of constant change, as the shapes and sizes of the projected objects is dependent on the other dishes on the table. This ever-changing environment has been purposefully designed to mirror Japan’s changing seasons. 

The projections also react and respond to each diner’s behaviour and reactions to the scenes taking place around them. “If a bird were to land on the diner’s hand or head, if they suddenly moved, the bird may fly away,” said the designers for Teamlab. The menu and presentations within the restaurant changes monthly and includes a 12 course tasting menu. Diners can feast on top-notch dishes containing ingredients such as black wagyu beef and seasonal vegetables. 

Article Source: designboom.com