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Get comfortable with the latest design trend

In rebellion of recent trends gone by, it seems 2018 is going to shake things up, with comfort now set to be the order of the day, every day, in the year ahead. As we embark on this new age of comfort, expect to see a rise in cushioned seats, roomy booths and high-backed bar seats, as restaurants and bars alike slip into their comfort zone.

In contrast to the vintage feel that many restaurants worldwide are plumping for, others are choosing to adopt a more modern approach.This approach is evident in the newly renovated interior at Eleven Madison Park, featuring booths and chairs that have soft, clean lines, combining cosiness with elegance, which are accentuated by its high ceiling.

Aside from the shape and size of an establishment's furnishings, material is just as important when it comes to attracting attention. Designer fabrics in bold colours, cuts and textures can create a lasting impression. Currently, velvet is this season’s hottest fabric, with many restaurants undergoing a retro revamp. The Monkey Club, in Marbella, is a fine example of this, using velvet to adorn its sofas, chairs and bar seating area. 

All in all, perhaps 2018 is really a case of out with the new and in with old, with the industry warmly welcoming back the trends of yesteryear.