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John Brough

Delta Controls Inc

Hotel Room Automation

Modern hotel guests are increasingly aware of the technological capabilities of their surroundings, and demand intelligent automation in all aspects of their life. Being able to speak to the room to control its services is no longer science fiction, as the guest experience evolves, more intelligence and automation is required. This seminar discusses the steps that forward thinking companies have taken to provide this technology.

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About John Brough

John’s 35 year career started in Defence Electronics as a hardware / software engineer developing passive defence systems where he first studied and pioneered the early use of computer systems. Since 1994 he has been working in the Building Automation industry and is currently the Director of European Operations for Delta Controls Inc, who are part of the multi-billion dollar Delta Group with far reaching and wide ranging energy and automation products that help deliver carbon net zero buildings with a high degree of automation. From Voice recognition systems, through intelligent analytics and integration of formerly disparate building services into a holistic control system for advanced automation and the full realisation of properly intelligent buildings.