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Lorenzo Di Cataldo

U-Earth Biotech

Pure Air Zone: The “new Wi-Fi” for the Leading Hotels

The travellers’ path to booking a hotel is influenced by a plethora of criteria along the way.
If until a couple of years ago wi-fi was one of these factors, nowadays it is taken for granted as every hotel has it.
Likewise, we are seeing that breathing pollution- and allergen-free air in hotel rooms is becoming more and more important to guests, and therefore we believe pure air will become ubiquitous shortly.

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About Lorenzo Di Cataldo

Lorenzo lives to make new life-changing technologies work out. A digital native, Lorenzo worked with blue-chip clients (e.g. Costa Crociere) as an innovation and strategy consultant aiming to bridge the gap between data, sales op, and marketing.
After an MBA in San Francisco, he has been dedicating his life to startups: firstly, as the Head of Growth of Beaconforce, an A.I. tool for HR; then, as a Product Owner at Ambrosus, a blockchain-based solution for the food industry; at last, he joined U-Earth Biotech as the marketing manager and here he is pursuing his mission to let the world know about a product that is
good for business and good for society.