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Matthew Carter

MODIO Guestroom Acoustic Control

Sound Advice: A New Approach to Guestroom Noise

For years, hotels have tried various tactics to control noise, but guest complaints persist. Many properties have
thrown good money after bad, pursuing structural fixes and purchasing quieter equipment—strategies that can cost
thousands per room, but don’t address the root of the problem: low interior background sound levels. This seminar
provides an overview of hotel noise issues, with particular focus on the role dynamic range plays in disrupting

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About Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter is Division Lead - Hotels for KR Moeller Associates Ltd. Since 1978, the Canadian company primarily focused on developing sound masking solutions to address speech privacy and noise control needs within corporate offices. In these environments, the goal is to improve productivity and confidentiality, but their work in hospital patient rooms allowed them to see how their commercial-grade technology could also be used to help occupants fall asleep and stay asleep.
That attention to slumber brought the company into the hospitality field.