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Stefan Thomaschuetz

Director - APAC - EXP360

How Hotels around the world us VR/ 360 Technology in Training.

The seminar outlines the possibilities of using VR & 360 technologies within the training department. Together with facts
and figures on how onboarding and ongoing training can be enhanced with immersive technology.

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About Stefan Thomaschuetz

Stefan Thomaschuetz is Director APAC for EXP360, with 15 years experience in the
Hospitality & Tourism Industry. Stefan regularly attends global training sessions to showcase
new VR tech trends, and presents on how these can be utilised in many areas within
Hospitality, from training plans to sales strategy. Stefan applies his experience and industry
know-how, in order to implement tailored VR solutions for his clients. A firm believer of
Technology within any business to achieve goals and hit business objectives through
structured departmental planning.