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Christian Bozeat

Macom GmbH UK

The Importance of Detailed Design in Technology Delivery

As technology gets more important and more complex it is important to know what you are going to deploy well before you go to procurement to ensure you get the experience that you and your customers expect... and importantly that you only pay for what you should!

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About Christian Bozeat

Christian is the MD of macom GmbH (UK) Europe’s largest AV technology consultancy. Passionate for deploying the correct technology in a structured and quality manner to change the way organisations work and perform.
Christian’s journey in AV started in 1999 in Australia working for Satellite Music Australia. Since returning to the UK Christian has worked for some of the world’s largest AV systems integrators in all areas and sectors of the
industry. Christian has worked on some of the most prestigious audio visual and collaboration projects around the world including many award-winning projects for many different types of companies and projects.
Christian projects span the world including major projects in America, Australia, Canada, Africa, Korea, Singapore, Russia, and Europe Christian has unrivalled knowledge of the construction process both on and off shore and specialises in deliveries to difficult and remote locations and global rollouts and strategic consulting.