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Eugene B. Jones


Panel Session: Mastering the 5-Star Guest Experience

Ensuring that your guests' experience is as good as it can be is never easy - but fear not, our panellists are here to help!

From a motivated workforce to implementing the latest tech, the ways you can keep your guests leaving with that 5-star feeling really are endless!

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About Eugene B. Jones

I am a business strategist with extensive experience across various industries for global companies including Vodafone, Knight Frank, Red Bull, Heineken, KPMG and The New York Times. My passion is adapting endless possibilities of tomorrow to real life today, so that companies don't befall the fate of taxis, Kodaks and Nokias...

My background is in journalism, as a foreign correspondent for The Associated Press, the world’s leading news agency, and I have written over 2,000 published articles released by media outlets like CNN, BBC, New York Times, International Herald Tribune and USA Today.

I've been lucky to have tried my hand in a diverse range of industries, across different continents and cultures; from construction and real estate to media and telecommunications, health to education, FMCGs to state or federal bodies and NGOs...

Most recently, I helped the Museum of Illusions become a global brand, ie "the world's fastest growing museum chain'' and am currently committed to ''Uberising'' the international hotel industry as the CEO of RoomOrders.com.

In the era of AirBnB and UberEats, the hotel industry is still using fixed landline phones for in-room-dining - surely, the time is ripe for disruption in the hotel industry?