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Kevin Bidner

HCN, the Hotel Communication Network

Panel Session: Tech & Hotels: Where to Start and How to Get it Right

In the modern world it can feel like everything is constantly changing, updating and improving; but it''s vital to know what the future holds in the world of hotel tech so that you''re not left trailing behind your competitors.

Our panellists look into the future for the hotel breakthroughs you need to be investing in now.

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About Kevin Bidner

Kevin Bidner is a serial entrepreneur with major achievements in the technology industry. As a key leader and partner in 20 20 Technologies for 16 years, Mr. Bidner''s leadership helped grow 20-20 Technologies from the 35 person company he joined to its present (700+ staff) world-leadership position. 2020 sold in 2017 for $450M.
Mr. Bidner founded HCN as CEO in 2008, and pioneered the concept from its pilot projects in Toronto. Mr. Bidner''s industry-shaping vision and strategy is responsible for the current business model that has put HCN out far ahead of its competitors.
Mr. Bidner''s determination and unflagging enthusiasm have inspired and sustained his team, leading to the major successes that HCN now enjoys. In meeting the challenges of growth and expansion and to achieve its full global potential, HCN has the strong leader it needs to achieve its goals.